Monday, 1 November 2010

2 Squash Candles For 1

This gives your candle an organic shape,
and it's small and cute.
Big Seed could help with this too.

We bought a small squash from the supermarket for 40p.

 He scooped out the flesh,
 and then I melted some old beeswax candles that were finished.

Big Seed broke the apple and star into little pieces, then I melted them in the microwave.
Poured it into the squash and he held the wick in place.

Slice the sides of the skin in 4 places (like cutting an orange) but don't cut all the way down.
Then the candle will slide out.

Big Seed has placed the frogs for artistic effect.
Can you see where he poked the top with his finger?

A seed got caught in the bottom. Great!
It has a lovely rough feel from the flesh strings of the squash.

Poke the sides of the skin with a fork...
put a tea light in..
A squash candle holder too!


  1. Love this!! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  2. Perfect! I love the look of the squash lantern all aglow.

  3. It looks great when it's lit up! This reminded me of a lantern that I once made out of a turnip for a Martinmas walk, in England. Love your project and thanks for sparking this sweet memory.


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