Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rainbow floral suncatcher

It was a gorgeous sunny day so we just had to do something linked with the garden today. Everyday we notice something new has grown, opened up or is flourishing so Big Seed collected a variety of flowers and leaves for two projects in his basket.

We made sure he had at least two of everything as we used some today for the suncatcher inspired by the Paintcutpaste blog and put some aside for tomorrow.

We then had to sort them out.

Big Seed enjoyed sorting them into piles. Good maths activity for him too.

Big Seed arranged them on baking parchment and Grandma shaved some crayons with a knife. Big Seed liked drawing with the very pointy tips of the crayons while waiting. He then sprinkled them all over the flowers.

I folded over the paper and then placed the whole thing on the ironing board with a towel on top of the ironing board cover.
Big Seed really liked watching me iron the paper and watch the colours burst out and bleed into each other.

We let it cool...then Big Seed peeled off the top sheet... "Wow, it's beautiful! That was fun!"
It's a winner!

I put blutac on the corners and put it on the window at his eye level.
He couldn't resist feeling it and learnt how some things are delicate.

It's certainly different.


  1. thank you for the shout out to ! glad you did this and had fun with it. if you could provide a link to my blog where you mention it here, that'd be awesome! happy creating!


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