Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bees and Beeswax

We have just started to light a candle at mealtimes,
and we all take turns to say something we liked most that day as the beginnings of a blessing.

I ordered supplies from Ebay.

Now I knew that Big Seed would ask... what is beeswax? Hmmm, tricky.

I soon realised my little knowledge of bees could be written on the back of a postage stamp!
But why didn't I know about them?
In 21 years of schooling no-one covered bees!!! Shocking. No wonder they are in trouble.
I didn't know bumblebees and honeybees were different just for starters!

My first attempt at Steiner style storytelling.
We made some bees out of wool with wet felting.
Made felt flowers and used fairy wool for pollen which the bees then took to the egg carton beehive.
When the beehive was full of pollen the wax ( yellow card) sealed the "rooms".

My first go was not that bad as I had to tell it 3 times
...and that was just before lunch! Each time he joined in a bit more.
I think I can get into this.

Ok now... for the real beeswax.

I tried grating the wax blocks with a grater - no go.
Instead I gave myself a blister with a knife...
This stuff is hard!

Some coloured beeswax sheets.

Action shot of Big Seed rolling the wick up into the candle shape.

We made different sizes.
Now there are no pictures of the melting process as it was all hands on deck!
It took a while to melt the wax in the pyrex jug in the pan, I ended up microwaving the last bit.

I poured what I had left into a paper cake case, and half an eggshell.

Our cornucopia of crazy candles.


  1. I love your beeswax cornucopia of crazy candles and the storytelling looks perfect. Very impressed :)

  2. So delightful! Beeswax creations are next on our crafty-things-to-do list. Bees are phenomenal creatures, aren't they?


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