Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dandelion Cookies

Another nice day started with a walk in the garden looking for yellow dandelions.
We picked some and drew them with yellow chalks.

"It looks like fire!" said Big Seed.

Having seen this recipe for Dandelion Cookies on 5 Orange Potatoes
we decided to put use to all these flowers.
We substituted the plain flour for Dove Farm Wheat Free flour and added a couple of teaspoons of water.

Big Seed found it quite tricky picking off the petals.

Ta daaa! Yummy!

We went in search of a dead dandelion which started all sorts of questions.

Big Seed's attempt to draw it with white chalk turned into a whale and swirls linked to yesterday's activities. Oh well.

A dandelion made with cut up wool stuck on to card.

A dandelion made with cut up straws stuck onto a ball of playdough
with a pencil for stem.
This was his favourite. "It looks like a spider!"


  1. How cute!! I just saw the idea of making the dandelion cookies and plan to make some soon. :)

  2. Hi, They turned out great, enjoy! x


Thanks for dropping by xx

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