Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Spiralling out of control

Today was inspired by reading about ancient Celtic traditions.
Spiral labyrinths are linked to May celebrations so I found some spiral shaped fossils to place on our Spring table.
I have also been reading counting coconuts and decided to link a few activities based on a theme.

Here is Big Seed studying fossils for the first time and being inquisitive and asking lots of questions.

We made a spiral out of multi-coloured wooden cubes.
He followed a spiral I drew with chalk on the paper. He was very engrossed in this. ( I managed to put my washing out!)

Big Seed made spiral shapes in cornflour in a foil tin.

We went on a hunt for empty snail shells in the garden and for snail trails.
Big Seed made spirals with a glue stick and then sprinkled silver glitter on.

Spirals with chalks

Spirals with paint, first with brushes then with fingers.

Multi-coloured spirals with playdough

Finally dot to dot spirals which lead to some work based on the letter "e".


  1. Hi there!
    I found your blog through Childhood Magic. I'm so glad I've found another Steiner Home Educator blogger in the UK! So far I've only read American or Australian blogs.

    Where in the uk are you? We're in East Sussex, and just started our home ed journey a few weeks ago, after over a year in a Steiner school in London and half a term in a nightmarish mainstream school when we moved down here!

    I'm bookmarking your blog!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Maria !
    Fantastic, we are in South Wales. Going to check your blog.
    Good to know someone else doing it over here too x

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    I do know there are lots of Steiner home educators in the UK, but either they are too busy to write blogs or are too shy ;-)
    I'm always on the lookout for more fellow UK bloggers, though... Let's see if we can find more!
    Maria x

  4. Yes, let me know if you find any! x

  5. LOVE this theme - the spiral playdough is so colorful, I'm sure my little guy would love it! Thanks also for mentioning my blog and linking back! :)

    Counting Coconuts


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