Sunday, 30 May 2010

Seashell Chimes

Off to the beach to look for Sea Treasures.

we collected a big bag of seashells.

However, 3 year olds do not have a filter so he picked up each shell he could see!

And this one, and this one and this one...

When we got home, Big Seed cleaned each one with a toothbrush
and was fully engrossed for 30 minutes!
He naturally sorted them as he went along.
Oh yes, and washed the pine cones he found too!

We only found 5 shells with holes in...
so I had to get out the power drill and make holes in the rest.
You wouldn't believe how tough some shells are..I needed a masonry bit!
Tied them up with rainbow wool to a sturdy piece of branch which was going to be firewood.

This is the one made for the garden. Looks prettier in real life.
I wanted to tie it to our tree but our branches were not co-operating...

So I tied it to our greenhouse to keep the birds away from our blueberries.
Mobile/windchime/scarecrow all in one.

This is the one for Big Seed's bedroom tied to a nice piece of driftwood.

Now what to do with the 200 shells leftover?
We made crayon rubbings and made imprints in playdough.
Now where can I find a nice glass jar to store some of the rest?


  1. Great job!!

    Love it : ) Now you can paint some shells and leave the rest in the backyard to play with for fairies and gnomes/mudpies/garden decor/etc!!

    Thanks for the link -- so glad you two had fun and made fun memories together!

    pink and green mama

  2. Just great, what fun. cheers Marie

  3. I saw these on Pink and Green Mama and I love them! We will have to make some soon!

  4. Very pretty and a great idea! I love seashells and wind chimes so I love this idea!

  5. Love the mobile/windchime/scarecrow idea! Beautiful too...
    You are an inspiration, an endless fountain of ideas. I wonder if there is ever a day when you don't make something wonderful with your two little seeds!
    Maria x

  6. Maria, that's so kind of you. I am so pleased you enjoy reading them. xx


Thanks for dropping by xx

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