Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Cutest Seedbag Ever

This has to be the cutest seedbag I have ever seen.
It took no time to make as I had all the felt materials in the house anyway,
and easy blanket stitch all the way.

I even found ribbon with daisies on in the house!
Been storing that for 4 years for a special occasion!

The pattern comes from Sugar In My Bowl and I just cut out the seedling on the front freehand.
It has two pockets for seed packets.

When I gave it to Big Seed it was like I had given him the best thing ever and he proceeded to run
around the garden in a crazy fashion while wearing the bag and then tried to see how many packets he
could fit into his bag!
Of course he wanted to get planting straight away.

Found some fantastic carrot seeds called "Parmex" for children.
They grow in the shape of a ball and can grow in pots.

Only another 10 packets to go...


  1. That is AWESOME!!!!! I'm always trying to find new ways to make gardening fun and engaging to my daughter...this would totally appeal to her!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. That is such a beautiful little craft! And so easy and useful too.
    Where did you get the "Parmex" carrot seeds?? My children keep saying they want to grow carrots and I keep saying we don't have room in our tiny back yard!

  3. The Parmex seeds are from Wyevale Garden centre. They are "seeds for children", or another garden centre should have them x

  4. Your seedbag turned out so cute. As adults we have special tools for special jobs. Judging by the bottom your son's smile, I'd say he was pretty happy with his new bag :)


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