Monday, 24 May 2010

Seed Markers for Preschoolers

Big Seed has taken over small patches of the garden,
now that the one we have given him is full.

Here is an example, outlined with old pegs and twigs.

He surely cannot read these seed markers, and they don't weather very well.

So we decided to make ones that he can read,
using some pebbles from the beach which are quite flat.

Big Seed looked through an old seed catalogue for
pictures of crops he has planted.
He cut them out by himself.

He painted the stones white, then after they had dried
he painted them with appropriate colours with his poster paints,
e.g. red for strawberries.

He then painted PVA glue on the back and stuck them on the stones.
I then painted the whole of it for him to smooth down the edges.
If I let him do it, he would have painted in all kinds of directions and the pictures
would have come off.

After they had dried we varnished them with varnish used for acrylic paint.
I always look for non-toxic things, however, I couldn't find any kids' varnish.
I did think if you could rinse your brush in water, and buy a tiny bottle of it
it was better than the standard stuff from a DIY store.

Here is the carrot one it is in its new home.


  1. Oh how great,a good idea, cheers Marie

  2. What a great idea! Graphic design at its best! ;-)
    M x


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