Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rainbow Angels - Versatile Gift

This angel is so versatile...

These angels were made as birthday gifts to go with the rainbow cards here,
but I can see us making these at Christmas for sure...and as Guardian Angels for bedrooms!

I was given some lovely raw sheep fleece a while ago from my lovely friend D.
Now I know what it was for...

Start by teasing a bit and tie the head with ribbon.
Leave the ends long enough for arms.

Cut wings out of felt.
I cut a heart shape but Big Seed cut 2 separate wings.

Needle-felt the wings onto the fleece.

At this point add a bit more fleece if it looks thin in parts.

As this was a birthday gift I felt I needed to put some more effort in,
so I cut some rainbow wool from Syrendell and needle-felted it onto the edge of the wings.
I also tied a bit of orange wool in a circle for a halo and needle felted that to the head.

Sew a bit of cotton through the head and wings so it hangs upright.

Taaa daaa... a rainbow angel.


Rainbow Cards and Name Initials

It was Great-Grandma's birthday, she isn't feeling well
so we thought we would cheer her up by making her these lovely watercolour rainbow cards.

Above illustrates different ages of development, 4 years, 2 years and 30 something years!!!
It's the first time we have painted the colours in the correct order
I was inspired to do so by reading about Goethe's theory of colour on  Moonbeam and Applesauce.
Check her gnomes out!

It was a lot of fun ... they wanted to continue.
We made rainbow initials from their names.

They are so beautiful, so colourful they have gone on our fireplace for a while.

Big Seed's "etheric" watercolour's such a shame to waste the made up watercolour...
he likes to continue until it's all gone.
I know it's not proper Waldorf to do this kind of thing so early ( or correct me if I am wrong)
but I let him lead the way.

In the next post I will be posting the angels we made as gifts.

What inspires your watercolour sessions?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn Applique T-Shirts

The majority of mums seem to buy their children's clothes from 2 main stores.
Also as a mum of boys I seem to have the narrow choice of trucks, trains, monsters, or cheeky monkeys!
I would like more natural images which are so rare unless they are uber-designer...

So I made my own set for Autumn.
I bought a set of 4 plain long-sleeved t-shirts from Marks and Spencer
and lovingly browsed around Spoonflower fabric designs for lovely samples.

They arrive in the post and I await inspiration over the week.
This one is called "Splat".
The fabric is a lovely watercolour paint print.

Tree with branches back-stitched in place. favourite for Little Seed...

and Big Seed.

Why not rebel against the masses and make some sweet designs for your little ones?

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Fun Writing - Sticker Stamps

Although we are using a dinosaur theme you can do this 
with ANY theme you like.

I found some dinosaur sticker sheets and cut them into single stickers
to use as "stamps".

I cut some coloured A4 paper in half and drew outlines
so they could be used as postcards, and the stickers as stamps.

My two seeds did this activity for an hour, scribbling, putting stamps on,
posting them in their toy oven then delivering them over the house,
then starting the whole process again.

Think of those stickers laying around your house waiting to be used...


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Monday, 19 September 2011

Book Giveaway

Book Giveaway Time

This is a lovely book which has lots of different games sorted into different age groups from 0-10.
Great for homeschoolers or those who need something on a rainy Sunday!
We have used it and both boys have enjoyed the games suggested, especially the bean bag balancing on the head simple yet they played it so often.

There are games involving sounds and music, storytelling and memory games, treasure hunts and number challenges, dancing and movement, painting and modelling. 
Some are old favourites and others are new.

If you would like a chance to win one of 2 copies of this book
then please leave a comment below.

This giveaway is open to mamas globally
Ends 3rd October.


Monday, 12 September 2011

Watch dinosaurs being born - play with real egg shells

This was really good fun, and something a little different.

I collected eggshells over a week from baking cakes...
and put some tiny toy dinosaurs inside the two halves.

And out they (violently) came...and then they boys had great fun crushing and pounding the shells 
with the toy dinosaurs.

Shhh, here are 3 eggs almost ready to hatch!

We used the crushed egg shells to make shakers by cutting sleeves off old shirts
and tieing the ends with elastic bands.
They loved to shake them..such a nice sound and then crush them some more through the material.

Very sensorial!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Starting School- Making The Start A Good One

Big Seed finally started a new school.

We have enjoyed homeschooling and going to a Montessori Nursery for 2 afternoons
but there are hardly any homeschooling children his age here.
All his friends are starting school  so we decided to send him...a little reluctantly so soon.
The school are very supportive and let me stay with him as long as it took for him to settle a few days last July, and he loved it.

So we celebrated before he went instead of alleviate any apprehension.

We made a celebratory breakfast.
I laid a tablecloth, and their own floral arrangements and the wooden rainbow laid on top
with an Autumn gnome.

We made some rainbow crayons last weekend which I wrapped in silks.

Little Seed unwrapped one too... his brother, his main playmate is leaving and it is a new beginning for him too.
I am sure he will enjoy the extra attention though.

Here is the Autumn gnome we wrapped as a gift,
he holds an apple one side ( very appropriate) and an oak leaf another.
Bought from a wonderful Etsy mama Waldorf Mouse here.
(UK mums check her out!!)

And a squirrel from her for Little Seed.
Focussing on natures changes moving into Autumn.

Big Seed bought a new crystal from the crystal shop.
We all gave it a kiss and I put it in a little cloth bag for him to take in
his carry our love with him.

I hung our long rainbow silk from the stairs and placed his bag and shoes at the bottom.

I think days like this are just as significant as birthdays and religious celebrations
because they are so important to the child.

The whole family is involved in letting go...
of old routines, places, people...

and starting new ones.

I hope your child enjoyed their new beginning ...did you celebrate?


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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back To School Giveaway Winner

I managed to get the widget on and it came up with 18...then the numbers disappear when I post.

The winner of the giveaway is 

Mary from Taking Julia North !!



Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fairy Inspired Floral Arrangements

The two seeds made some gorgeous floral table arrangements,
while there are still some blooms around.
There are many ways to do this if you don't have a large garden:
You could just arrange your cuttings  in a vase,
or just gather greenery and twigs if you don't have flowers,
or go to the park/nature walk and gather wild flowers

We are staying with the Flower Fairies Book
( which has boy characters in it) and went to gather some
end of Summer flowers.

The boys cut them with scissors, they used small oasis,
dunked them in a bowl of water and placed them on a plant pot saucer.

Here they are engrossed, they enjoyed poking the stems in the soft oasis.
It needs good grip and control.

Here are the finished pieces by Big Seed and Little Seed.

One for our dinner table and one for the nature table.

When the oasis dries out we are going to recycle it for dried Autumn arrangements.


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