Monday, 12 September 2011

Watch dinosaurs being born - play with real egg shells

This was really good fun, and something a little different.

I collected eggshells over a week from baking cakes...
and put some tiny toy dinosaurs inside the two halves.

And out they (violently) came...and then they boys had great fun crushing and pounding the shells 
with the toy dinosaurs.

Shhh, here are 3 eggs almost ready to hatch!

We used the crushed egg shells to make shakers by cutting sleeves off old shirts
and tieing the ends with elastic bands.
They loved to shake them..such a nice sound and then crush them some more through the material.

Very sensorial!



  1. Oh, that is fantastic. My boys just loooves dinousaurs and I never thought of using egg shells! And these shakers are great too. We are definitely gonna do these. Thank You for sharing it!

  2. oh I bet they just loved that! I love that you made them this set up to play with, really inspiring :-)

  3. How fun, I love the whole prehistoric display, what a wonderful activity!


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