Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Welcome To Our Launderette Role Play Area

Yes, Big Seed is still obsessed with washing lines...
so what better than his own Launderette?

He played in it for an hour! WOW!

This is how we made it:

First of all I have to say that his play area is made of 2 cheap bookshelves from Argos.
You can change the height of the shelves.
The key is to have one of them away from the wall so that he can go behind it
like a shop keeper...or hide in there, etc

I would really like the Steiner playshelves for the playscape to drape
over...but the purse dictates that we use these.

1. Tie string across both bookshelves for a washing line.
Or use two chairs.

2. Use an old fruit basket/ wooden bowl for a peg container

3. Make a washing machine and washing powder box. (See further below.)

4. Make a shop sign together

5. Use a toy till or just use a wooden box for holding money

6. Use a basket or box as an ironing basket.

7. Get some small bags for customers' laundry.
I bought some small cloth ones off Ebay ages ago ready for the right situation.

8. Find a secondhand ironing board.
I bought his from an NCT sale.

9. Clothes: use paper drawn ones, scraps of cloth or ordinary clothes.
We used: baby bibs, napkins to fold, baby socks to sort and pair, 
baby cloth wipes, baby hats, paper clothes and playsilks.

All these were ironed, sorted, folded and put into piles.
Have at least 3 of everything.

OK now how to make the Washing Machine...

Take a cereal box and open it up.
Get a plate/bowl and draw a circle 3/4 of the way round and cut that line out.
Tape the box back up with parcel tape inside out.

Get 2 lids from your growing lid collection ready for moments like this!
Cut circles slightly smaller than the lids, 
so that when you push the lids in they are secure and can turn.

Draw water sloshing around or clothes spinning around.
The washing powder box is made by any small box turned inside out, or with a label stuck on.

Ready for his first customer of the day...

He had a lot of fun this morning!


  1. how cute!
    i like the synchronicity of our postings : )

  2. Aww, now that is totally creative, adorable and aweseome! Love your posts and great ideas. Keep em coming!

  3. Oh that is heaven!!!
    M xx


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