Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wooden Spoon Puppet Gnome

Everyday this week when I have asked Big Seed what he wants to do, 
he replies, "do sewing from your making box."
Sewing? I have been totally out of ideas...
so I looked in my box and found some wooden spoons waiting for this day.
And the baby was asleep...get the needles out!

Never underestimate a 3 year old!
Yes he really did some great sewing...

First we stuck some felt around the handle.
Use craft glue or it won't stick.

We put a felt rectangle around the body and he sewed this up.
I held the spoon and directed him.
I was so proud...good skills!

Then he chose some buttons,
and he helped to pull the needle through.

Look at this beautiful hand dyed yarn...yummy!

He cut this up for hair...yes I know ... but it's his choice!

Then he drew a face on the front with a huge smile.

Check out the hair..whoa!

Tee hee...look at that face : so proud.

Fuel for my fire.

To see more great handmade goodness check out Marie's wonderful
creations and a giveaway here. Beautiful.


  1. I love this! what a clever and talented little boy--- awesome!

  2. Thank you for the link to our New Zealand Handmade giveaway! Good luck in the draw tomorrow. :)


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