Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Magical Disappearing Colours

This is one of those great things that you come by accidentally.

It was raining so we got 3 different kinds of paper,
did some felt pen doodles, and the plan was to go out into the rain to see
the effects of raindrops on each type of paper.

However, by the time Big Seed drew on his first, it had stopped raining for the day!

So, I showed him how to make raindrops with his fingers by dipping them into
a bowl of water and dripping them over the kitchen paper towel.

But this was just too messy, and I hadn't planned for this much water everywhere,
but he was enjoying.

So I thought of this...
draw with a different colour felt pen on a kitchen paper towel.

Dip it into a bowl of water then squeeze the water dry into a foil baking tray.
The colour will come out into the tray and the kitchen paper will be clean.

Then I thought, skip the bowl of water!
Just lay it flat onto the tray of water in the baking tray...
and poke it with a finger, the ink just lifts off!

He loved this!

Pat it down flat, swirls it around, make sure all the ink has disappeared.
Squeeze it, then put it somewhere to dry.
The ink has completely gone!

Start again, and again and again.

He had filled the table and I was running out of kitchen paper,
so I cut up some pieces into quarters.

Size didn't matter, it had the same wonder factor.

I can honestly say this has to be the most fun he has had in ages!

I ran out of space on the table....

So I made him a washing line made of string between 2 chairs...
and he just loved hanging them up to dry.

All day he kept checking if they were dry.

He valued these pieces of kitchen towel so much he gave one away
to his Grandma as a gift!

I hope he explained what it was!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'll have to keep this one in mind. Thanks for stopping by Chocolate Eyes and checking out the giveaway.


  2. ah, I love when they take and activity and run away with it. and the clothesline would be a big hit here.

  3. This looks like so much fun!


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