Monday, 14 June 2010

Glass Bead Activities

This morning's activity was inspired by this at Tot School.
I have just bought some glass beads so this was perfect.

I gave him some lolly sticks and some beads and he had to balance them on the sticks.
He managed five sticks.

He was still interested in doing more activities.
I made this up on the spot:
I placed a stick in the middle of the tray as a divider -
Whatever I put at the bottom he had to copy at the top

We tried different numbers of beads, shapes, letters and numerals.
He really enjoyed this... his squealing is a good monitor of enjoyment.

I think I may make this out of felt and velcro for a travel game.

I made omelettes for supper and was left with this big egg tray.
I asked Big Seed if he wanted to play a game whereby he had to put each glass bead
in a section with the tongs.

Still wanting enrichment, he then tried it with shells.
Looks pretty in real life.


  1. Glad you liked this activity!

  2. I love the new layout and as always you have the most fabulous crafty ideas.

  3. I'm really enjoying your blog - you have some great ideas. My little boy is a bit young for some of your activities, but I have started writing some of them down so that we have a good stock of new ideas when we get there!

  4. Hi Tassy, thanks for your comments. I am so pleased you have found some interesting ideas. x


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