Monday, 21 June 2010

Our Sun Cake

Big Seed was feeling a bit better today
so we did manage to finish a few things...

We made a sun banner for the dining room.
Big Seed used yellow and red watercolour paint following the pipette technique.
We let this dry and then he cut out circles for suns, taped to string, hung under the door.

Taa Daaa! We finished the Sun Cake.
Ok so we didn't get round to doing the icing...but it still looks great,
Big Seed was very proud.

We made a lemon sponge and I cut the cake in half horizontally instead of using 2 cakes.
To see one iced up go here to Twig and Toadstool.

Then spontaneously Big Seed wanted to play with the wooden shapes.
So we made some suns on the fireplace tiles.
Makes a great background.

Little Seed is sorting the equilateral triangles from the isosceles.
Only kidding. It's the first time he has sat up on his own doing an activity with us.
It deserves a mention!

Finally King Summer/ The Sun King is having some of his birthday cake.
I don't know how this birthday idea started...but we rolled with it.
As Big Seed has been ill, he has lost his appetite and this is a last attempt to coerce him to eat.

2 candles on a Sun Cake will do it every time!

Happy Birthday King Summer!

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