Thursday, 10 June 2010

Making Paper Clothes for a Washing Line

Big Seed is still attached to his washing line at the moment.
It was too wet and windy for him to enjoy it outdoors so
we extended the play indoors.

We designed and made our own clothes from paper...

I asked him what he wanted and drew clear bold lines for him.

We used different patterns and techniques:

 felt tip stripes, fingerpaint dots, and block colour halves.

Big Seed cut them out by himself.

He then became my Creative Art Director and insisted on arranging the clothes for the shot!
He also said,"Make sure you get my hands in!"
Real involvement.

He pegged them up on the line by our window...
He came back a few hours later and said, " Look they're dry! Feel it."


  1. I love when the children get involved in my projects. We have blog photos and home photos. Lovely washing line idea.


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