Friday, 11 June 2010

Starting with Watercolours

Painting with watercolours seems to be a core part of Steiner creativity
so I thought we would give it a go.
Big Seed did a lovely picture a long time ago at Steiner Playgroup,
it was the first painting to go on the wall.

I was 11 years old the last time I had a wasn't great, I didn't have a clue!

I am using this as a starting point.

I bought a pad of watercolour paper.
It is quite expensive and this is probably why mainstream schools don't do watercolours,
however the colours and paintings are so beautiful it's worth it.
If anyone knows where to get cheaper paper in the UK please let me know.

The book says to wet the paper with a sponge.
I used my marble bread board to put it on.
Wet both sides so the edges don't curl up as in the picture!

The book says to use tubes of watercolour to mix with water in a palette.
Just opening the box is exciting!

Keep it simple to start.
For children under 3's use just one colour.
Big Seed used the 3 primary colours today.
This palette is great and doubles as a sorting and counting tray!

With the classical music on, Big Seed got going.
He LOVED this, it is so therapeutic.
Is it because the edges blur and dance around?
I just sat and watched him.

"OK, I'm done," he said, "Can I do another one?"
Yes, but the baby needed a feed!!

He couldn't wait so...

He emptied the palette completely and just painted on top,
so it changed into a different picture.
I narrated for him as the book suggests, ie blue wants his friend red to come along to his party, etc
He liked this and this encouraged him to keep going.

So where had red gone?
"Oh, he is under the blue there."

And he's only just begun.


  1. Beautiful and what a wonderful experience for the two of you to share together -- a lifelong gift : )

    pink and green mama


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