Wednesday, 23 June 2010

After Jam Comes Scrumptious Strawberry Muffins

Grandma Seed nade some delicious strawberry jam,
but those strawberries just keep on coming.

Short of eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner there just had to be something else...

I have even eaten these over the choc-chip muffins.
These are as delicious as they are simple to make.
Big Seed made these with Daddy Seed...that's how simple!

10 oz plain flour ( we substitute a 1/3 with wheat free flour)
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
4 oz  sugar
1 egg
8 fl oz (240ml) milk
3fl oz vegetable oil or 3oz melted butter
5-6 oz strawberries cut up 

1. Prepare muffin tins and heat to 375 -400  o F
2. In a bowl sift the dry ingredients
3. In another bowl mix all the wet ingredients
4. Stir just to combine and add the strawberries
5. Put into muffin cases and cook for 20- 25 mins until springy.

Cool and eat and say, " Wow these are actually really good!"


  1. I have been making strawberry muffins as well. It seems as quickly as I make them, they are eaten right up. We have blueberries now, so that is what I'll be making this morning.


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