Friday, 30 April 2010

Eco Blocks and Fairy Wool

We had some new toys arrive this week to help with imaginative play.

This is a rainbow made of fairy wool, ready for any occasion.
Lots of tufts placed in a basket ready to be used in play. It comes in a big bag so I have kept some aside for some craft projects. Its organic and naturally dyed sheep's wool from

Also we ordered some Eco Tree Blocks.
These are amazing. A variety of natural branch shapes which can be put together cleverly, eg. 4 tiny blocks in a tower is the same height as a tall block.
Big Seed has a bit of trouble initiating play so as we have been off to the park everyday , I made a playground for him. However, after 5 minutes all my ideas had been replaced with his own...just what I like to see.

It kind of looks like an assault course. His green playsilk is the grass, the smallest part of his rainbow stacker is the see-saw, and I got an old 'Mini-eggs' tube we finished yesterday for a tube slide. This is balanced on a toilet roll cylinder with a piece cut out so it doesn't roll off. That's the only thing I added at the end.

My favourite piece is the stepping stone for the yellow fairy to step on and look out of the window - cute!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Recycling bags because boys love rubbish lorries!

Big Seed always runs to the window when the rubbish lorries arrive. So I thought he would like to play with some recycling bags to put into his truck.
This is great for counting and sorting colours.

Cut a circle out of felt, doesn't have to be perfect for this job. I used running stitch around the edge, pulled the stitches together with some stuffing in the middle. This is pink for plastic rubbish.

Once it is pulled together you can tie the cotton or stitch it round the outside of the bag to strengthen it.

Pop them outside the houses made of blocks and start collecting them.

Big seed played with this for quite a while, making dumping depots under chairs.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kitchen day

Here is the homemade cooker. Its not finished completely, the handle needs painting but I'm so proud of the job. The cooker he already plays with slots on top, ready for baking!

I made Big Seed some choc chip cookies out of felt. There are so many places on the web for these, I just made up my own idea. Help with blanket stitching comes from where there are stitch tutorials. As you can see my stitching is far from perfect but it does the job.

The time came to give these eggheads a haircut. We took them to the hairdressers and gave them a short back and sides. Big Seed loves growing veg but abhores eating anything green. He made himself a sandwich for the first time...

... and said this cress tastes nice!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Painting day

Running around chasing bubbles

After a hard day's work ... painting his wooden oven Dad made him with bits from the garage. Good skills Dad! Big seed has even chosen colours to complement mum's lovely.
Now I have to find a way of making felt muffins and cakes.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Growing on Dad's day off

Dad's day off means lots of time in the garden. Dad and Big Seed planted some carrots and put fleece on top to help them grow.

We checked on our "hairdressers" The egg heads' hair is finally growing, soon to be snipped off and eaten for lunch. We thought they needed a place to chill out so we decided they should sit and grow on our Spring table. It was looking a bit bare anyway.

After a walk around the garden looking at the blosson on the trees we made blossom pictures inside.

We thought we should update the Spring table after the excitement of the Easter table we hunted around for some interesting things.

The new mud pit. The biggest muddy puddle of all!

Sowing the seeds of a blog

Going to try out starting a blog about the growth of my two little seeds in my little garden.
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