Thursday, 29 April 2010

Recycling bags because boys love rubbish lorries!

Big Seed always runs to the window when the rubbish lorries arrive. So I thought he would like to play with some recycling bags to put into his truck.
This is great for counting and sorting colours.

Cut a circle out of felt, doesn't have to be perfect for this job. I used running stitch around the edge, pulled the stitches together with some stuffing in the middle. This is pink for plastic rubbish.

Once it is pulled together you can tie the cotton or stitch it round the outside of the bag to strengthen it.

Pop them outside the houses made of blocks and start collecting them.

Big seed played with this for quite a while, making dumping depots under chairs.


  1. I love a craft that is fast, easy AND has tons of play value. I have never heard the term "rubbish lorries"... it sounds so lovely compared to "garage truck"! Thanks for sharing.

  2. clever! and I love the lil kitchen.. I have been thinking of making one for my daughter :)


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