Friday, 30 April 2010

Eco Blocks and Fairy Wool

We had some new toys arrive this week to help with imaginative play.

This is a rainbow made of fairy wool, ready for any occasion.
Lots of tufts placed in a basket ready to be used in play. It comes in a big bag so I have kept some aside for some craft projects. Its organic and naturally dyed sheep's wool from

Also we ordered some Eco Tree Blocks.
These are amazing. A variety of natural branch shapes which can be put together cleverly, eg. 4 tiny blocks in a tower is the same height as a tall block.
Big Seed has a bit of trouble initiating play so as we have been off to the park everyday , I made a playground for him. However, after 5 minutes all my ideas had been replaced with his own...just what I like to see.

It kind of looks like an assault course. His green playsilk is the grass, the smallest part of his rainbow stacker is the see-saw, and I got an old 'Mini-eggs' tube we finished yesterday for a tube slide. This is balanced on a toilet roll cylinder with a piece cut out so it doesn't roll off. That's the only thing I added at the end.

My favourite piece is the stepping stone for the yellow fairy to step on and look out of the window - cute!

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