Thursday, 3 June 2010

Buttons and Rainbows

Counting, sorting, feeling, discussing buttons and colours.

It started with this watercolour palette.
I put numbers 1 to 6 in the palette and Big Seed had to put the right number of buttons in.
Then we sorted them by colour...
however, this wasn't just a box of plastic buttons from ELC, these had different tones, hues, etc
There was much discussion about each one.

Turquoise can go with the blues... is that green or yellow?

He did this a few times so I had to extend it there and then...

I got our square mosaic puzzle... I bought it from here.
I love it because it has so many varieties of shades.
We sorted those into our coloured picnic cups ( from Asda).
You can always use paint chart cards from your DIY store, and cut them up.

Then we emptied the cups by colour and put them back in the frame.
I love his rainbow socks matching the rainbow puzzle!

Finally we tried to match each button on a colour cube as closely as possible.

This was really fun and it looked really beautiful!


  1. My girls would love this! I'm hoping to make a set of Montessori color tiles like the ones over at Handmade Childhood this weekend.

    pink and green mama

  2. Really pretty. Thanks for the link too.


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