Saturday, 5 June 2010

Weaving a giant web

I saw this at The Artful Parent and crossed it with this at Green Kitchen,
and we have a giant spider web made of string to weave in the garden.

I took 2 bean poles and tied string to it in a star shape and square.

Then from the centre I wound the string in a spiral.
I think that looks nice enough in itself.

I gave Big Seed a basket full of ribbons, wool, and long stems of plants
and showed him how to weave up and down and let him get on with it.
At first he found it quite tricky and needed a lot of help...

He came back to it after a while and found his own method of winding
ribbons around and around in one spot...he really enjoyed doing that by himself.

I just need to make a giant crazy spider to sit in it!


  1. Cool, thanks for liking my home, we built it 25 years ago, out of recycled material. cheers Marie

  2. We love wild weaving. Yours is so pretty with the ribbon and wool as well. Lovely to add to it as the summer goes on. Great activity for little fingers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE the spider web! I think we will also make one!

    happy day!

  4. To be a spider, if only for a moment. How fun.

  5. oh, what a great idea! Thanks!!!


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