Friday, 25 June 2010

Going on a break for week

Look what came in the post this morning!

WOW! Grandma Seed knitted some vegetables!
They are gorgeous and so so cute!
She got the pattern from a Jean Greenhowe book from the wool shop.

This food has come at a perfect time because we are going on holiday for a week.
The gnomes have plenty of food to eat now while we are away...
they can make a nice vegetable soup.

If you like the look of the gnomes and their toadstools:
come and visit us when we get back for a cute giveaway!

See you soon xx


  1. wildly jealous, those are fab, lucky lucky.
    am knitting veggies and fruit at the mo, strawberries ( photo on my blog ) lemon, limes and peas, good fun.
    happy hols x

  2. Wow, they are so cool, cheers Marie

  3. Is that a pita pocket on the left? So cool!

  4. Hi FroggyMama, Its a potato sack full of mini potatoes. So cute! My son took it on holiday with him! x


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