Thursday, 24 June 2010

Chamomile Bath Bundle

Chamomile is the children's herb.
It's the first homeopathy remedy for babies and teething.
Organic Chamomile tea really chills me out and helps Baby Seed sleep better.

It's perfect for a bath before bed!

It's easy to grow from seed.
This little clump self-seeded in a pot.
Here is Big Seed cutting it with scissors on a sunny dry day.

People normally use muslin but Grandma Seed gave us some old net curtains this week. Perfect!
Draw around a pot and cut out a circle.
Big Seed sewed running stitch around the edge.
 Leave the needle in with plenty of cotton to pull later.
Cut off the flower heads and leaves and place in the centre.

Add a scoop of organic oats.
This is good for softening the water and great for eczema.

Pull both ends of the cotton to tighten up the circle and tie in a knot. Chamomile Bath Bundle.

Start running the taps and have fun squeezing out milky white clouds in the bath.
Mmmm, smells good too!


  1. *sigh* - I wish I weren't allergic to chamomile, those look lovely! :)

    It's a great idea, though, I might try some with a different herb - I think the Dudimus would love to help me.

    I am loving your blog, I check all the time now to see what new wonderful things you are doing!

  2. This is lovely, will have to try it!

  3. Well, we couldn't wait. :) The Dudimus and I created our own bath sachets tonight, sans chamomile, and they were a hit! Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  4. When two of mine had chicken pox, we made these with lavender and oatmeal. It really helped to sooth the itching and they were very keen to have a bath.


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