Thursday, 8 September 2011

Starting School- Making The Start A Good One

Big Seed finally started a new school.

We have enjoyed homeschooling and going to a Montessori Nursery for 2 afternoons
but there are hardly any homeschooling children his age here.
All his friends are starting school  so we decided to send him...a little reluctantly so soon.
The school are very supportive and let me stay with him as long as it took for him to settle a few days last July, and he loved it.

So we celebrated before he went instead of alleviate any apprehension.

We made a celebratory breakfast.
I laid a tablecloth, and their own floral arrangements and the wooden rainbow laid on top
with an Autumn gnome.

We made some rainbow crayons last weekend which I wrapped in silks.

Little Seed unwrapped one too... his brother, his main playmate is leaving and it is a new beginning for him too.
I am sure he will enjoy the extra attention though.

Here is the Autumn gnome we wrapped as a gift,
he holds an apple one side ( very appropriate) and an oak leaf another.
Bought from a wonderful Etsy mama Waldorf Mouse here.
(UK mums check her out!!)

And a squirrel from her for Little Seed.
Focussing on natures changes moving into Autumn.

Big Seed bought a new crystal from the crystal shop.
We all gave it a kiss and I put it in a little cloth bag for him to take in
his carry our love with him.

I hung our long rainbow silk from the stairs and placed his bag and shoes at the bottom.

I think days like this are just as significant as birthdays and religious celebrations
because they are so important to the child.

The whole family is involved in letting go...
of old routines, places, people...

and starting new ones.

I hope your child enjoyed their new beginning ...did you celebrate?


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  1. I love your celebratory table!

  2. I hope he enjoys school. A sweet way to start his first day.

  3. Lovely to see the boys - great post - thanks for sharing x

  4. what a gorgeous way to celebrate a special first day! hugs Laura...oh thanks for the etsy links, I find it hard to find local, handmade waldorf things :-)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful way to transition into school. I love your motto- A little bit Montessori, a little bit Steiner, and a little bit me- that is exactly how I raised my kids (who are now very well adjusted and happy intelligent teens)- I love taking the best of Montessori and Steiner and mixing in what I think is right as well. Great post!! I look forward to following your blog!

  6. Really sweet way to start a new school year. I agree that it is so important to mark special occasions such as these. My daughters are all grown now (the youngest is 26!) but when they were small we always had a special breakfast to start the new school year and then a special dinner that night.


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