Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rainbow Angels - Versatile Gift

This angel is so versatile...

These angels were made as birthday gifts to go with the rainbow cards here,
but I can see us making these at Christmas for sure...and as Guardian Angels for bedrooms!

I was given some lovely raw sheep fleece a while ago from my lovely friend D.
Now I know what it was for...

Start by teasing a bit and tie the head with ribbon.
Leave the ends long enough for arms.

Cut wings out of felt.
I cut a heart shape but Big Seed cut 2 separate wings.

Needle-felt the wings onto the fleece.

At this point add a bit more fleece if it looks thin in parts.

As this was a birthday gift I felt I needed to put some more effort in,
so I cut some rainbow wool from Syrendell and needle-felted it onto the edge of the wings.
I also tied a bit of orange wool in a circle for a halo and needle felted that to the head.

Sew a bit of cotton through the head and wings so it hangs upright.

Taaa daaa... a rainbow angel.



  1. so adorable and easy to make.

  2. So sweet! I know my little ones would love to made one.

  3. These are way too cute. Already thinking of who I can make some for. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. So sweet and simple. These are just beautiful.

  5. What a cute angel, I love how she turned out- what a fun wool project!! ~April


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