Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hanging Baskets

Such a fabulously sunny day today ...we were out in the garden.
Today Big Seed made lovely hanging baskets.
These don't take long but last for months.

First buy some baskets, preferably with plastic inner liners so you don't have to mess about with buying liners separately and cutting them to size.

Fill them with ordinary garden soil, not soil bought in a bag as this tends
to dry out too quickly resulting in water just passing through.
This we learnt through experience.

As the baskets are small it's a good activity for little ones
as they will be able to fill it themselves.

Get some cheap bedding plants from the gardening shop.
Make sure you buy trailing plants.
These will tail out of the basket and look beautiful in a few weeks.
We put a normal one in the middle to grow upwards and bulk out the middle.
Big Seed is putting in a Petunia.

Then he put in 3 trailing Lobelias and 2 trailing Geraniums.
Don't worry about spacing them out as it says on the labels,
instead pack them in for a full blooming effect.

Water them like they haven't had a drink for weeks.
Here they are all finished ready to hang up.

If you haven't made hanging baskets before you will have to attach
a metal bracket to your wall with a drill and screws,
but once it's done it's there for ever.

These baskets have been used for 3 years already.

Let's see how these turn out in a few weeks.


  1. Cute idea, my daughter is a bit too young for this right now the idea is lovely.

    I think they turned out really nice :).


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