Monday, 17 May 2010

Leaf collage

This is an fun, physical way of making a garden leaf collage.

Buy a roll of sticky film. I bought this in Asda/Walmart in the stationary section.
I remember covering all my textbooks at school with it.

I cut a large rectangle out, peeled off the backing paper
and taped it to my patio door window at Big Seed's height
and told him to find lots of different leaves, but each one had to be different.
This idea can also be used with flowers, seed heads in Autumn, etc.

After 15 minutes this is what it looked like.
He was adament about keeping the 3 flowers he had collected,
they just had to be on there too.
After a while, I wondered where he had got to,
was he still engrossed in this activity I had set up for him??

He still looked busy in the garden...

Collecting weeds in his wheelbarrow.
"Look at all these weeds and leaves!"

Well done Big Seed, good job!


Thanks for dropping by xx

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