Thursday, 25 November 2010

Boot Peg Gnome : For St.Nicklaus Day

I have celebrated St.Nicklaus Day since a small child.
I love this celebration as it's a bit like Christmas without all the tackiness.
It's simple and the message from his stories is easy to understand
for little ones.

So in preparation we made this gnome who will go on Big Seed's boot
the night before the 6th.
The tradition is to polish your shoes/boots the night before and put them on the bedroom windowsill for him to see.
 In the morning if you have been good you will find nuts, a tangerine, chocolate
and a tiny gift.
St.Nicklaus is the original Father Christmas.
More of that in December, here's how to make it.

Draw this shape on felt and cut. I had to draw it on paper several times before I got it to fit my peg.
Sew running stitch but leave threads at each end to pull together later.

Sew the hood together.
Big Seed did this himself as I held the felt for him.
Blanket stitch looks good too if you are able.

Place the felt on the wooden peg, then pull the threads tight to create a ruffle
then tie in a knot.

Your gnome is ready to put on your boot, or make a pair.


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  1. Nice idea. My 4 year old and I have been talking about St Nicholas. We do not celebrate the tradition here, but we have been learning a bit about him lately. xx

  2. That is such a lovely craft and one I know the girls would enjoy. We do celebrate St Nicholas Day here (in Switzerland), and in fact it is a bigger deal than the 25th (which I like).
    What a great idea - thanks so much for such a clear tutorial (for those of us who are not natural crafters!).

  3. Wow. This is great. My daughter loves to "stitch" so this would be perfect for her. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. We enjoy celebrating St Nicholas Day here too. I like your idea!


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