Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Once Around The Sun - Steiner Style Birthday

It was Little Seed's birthday.

Little Seed is One.
We had an intimate Steiner style birthday.
Homemade cards and gifts wrapped in silks and scarves.

Big Seed is teaching Little Seed to unwrap a gift.
We gave him a wooden xylophone pot.
You stir it to make music - a gentle sound.

We kindly asked family to avoid plastic/noisy toys and they all 
graciously obliged.

We had homemade cake and as I put him to sleep
I told him his birth story about his journey over the rainbow bridge, and how
he came into this world.
As I got to the part where he came out into the world, he stopped feeding and pushed against me 
in the perfect position as if he could completely understand my every word and acted it out!
What a fantastic memorable end to his day.


  1. You tell it wonderfully! Happy Birthday little Seed! I'm glad to hear that you and your family enjoyed the day.

  2. A lovely birthday for a lovely little boy x


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