Monday, 15 November 2010

Frosty Pictures - Discovering Ice

Today was one of those days when I was so glad to be homeschooling.
Sometimes it just comes together...

Today was a frosty morning and I asked Big Seed if he wanted to make a frosty picture.
I had in mind a drawing with pastels smudged all over as frost...but he already had his own idea. Great!
He went outside and asked for the chalks.
He drew some coloured swirls and said, "That's my frosty picture."

Then he went for a walk around the garden to inspect the frost.
He came back with huge panes of ice and threw them on his drawing.
He was really investigating himself.

He found them on his toy trucks.
They were thin but he could pick them up...

Some were huge!

He could see his picture through them and it would melt.

It would crack and you could smash them into tiny pieces like glass.

He learnt to share the tiny pieces with his little brother,
to feel how cold they are and how they melt in the hand.

You can slip and slide on them and pretend to wear ice skates.

See what it's like to use chalk on a wet surface.

Mix and melt colours.

Wow, what a science lesson, completely initiated and directed by himself.
I wish everyday was as good as today.

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