Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Meg and Mog Style Halloween

Here is my wonderful witch: dressed in his Autumn silk and hat ( and pyjamas!)
He is acting out Meg and Mog while the baby is napping.
Hunting for stuff for his spell.

I love Meg and Mog. It's just the best for witch stories.
He is trying to find the four objects from the sensory box to put in his cauldron.

Here is the Halloween Sensory Box.
He had to find 20 objects...then we decorated the house with them.

He made hat and pumpkin potato prints to make wrapping paper for a birthday party.

My gorgeous pumpkins back from Trick or Treating!

We hope you enjoyed yours


  1. Meg and Mog - never heard of them - but I will be looking them up!

    Much love from our coven to yours!


    Great photos.

  2. That looks like fun. Hope you enjoyed your trick or treating. Love the costumes. And the smile!


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