Monday, 29 November 2010

Handmade Nativity Scene

I have made my own Nativity scene this year and will add to it
each Sunday of Advent.
The Parenting Passageway has lots of information and ideas on this subject
and tells it far better than I can.

Here is Mary and Joseph.
2 wooden peg dolls with a piece of white rectangular felt stuck around their bodies,
and a larger piece of rectangular coloured felt folded in 2 different ways and held together by a couple of stitches.

I have put white silk as the floor and blue tissue paper as the sky
held upright by taping 2 bamboo sticks to the back.

I have cut out 24 stars to line Mary's path,
each day in December Big Seed will stick a star onto the sky.
I got this idea from another mum's blog but can't find the link anywhere.
( if anyone knows where I got this from do feel free to correct me!)

I am going to create a large star for the 25th but haven't got round to it yet.
I have used a wooden stacking toy for the stable.

I have bought some wooden animals from the amazing Etsy shop
We are going to paint them and then put them up on the 3rd Sunday of advent.

According to Steiner the first week is for stones, shells and bones,
so we have put some crystals on there.
2nd Sunday is plants, 3rd is animals where the stable scene will be created, 4th is people when the kings and shepherds will appear.

Big Seed really likes the scene, and I often find Mary and Joseph have found their way over to the Winter nature display to have a chat with Jack Frost.
His knitted Autumn gnome has had a kip in the stable and for some reason, this morning
he put some coins in the stable.

It's too sweet.

Have you entered our Winter Fairy Giveaway for a gorgeous
fairy for your Winter Nature table or imaginative play?


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