Sunday, 28 November 2010

How To Make An Advent Wreath - Simply

I did not prepare for making this in advance, and just had to make do with what we had
in the kitchen and garden.
I did buy the candles though a few days ago, these are nice sparkly ones from our 
local crystal shop.

I used a small cake tin as a base.
This is an old rusty one from Big Seed's mud pit.
I taped some ivy to the outsides.
Then Big Seed helped to put some pine leaves in a circle.

We tried to stick the candles with playdoh but it did not work.
Then I found some empty glass baby jars and filled them with sand.

We put some glue on some pine cones and shook them in a tub of glitter.

Then took some acorns and dipped the heads into glue and then glitter
for sparkly hats.

Enjoy your first advent.

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