Saturday, 27 November 2010

Handmade Christmas Gift for 1 Year Old

I made this for Big Seed for his first Christmas
and have remade it for Little Seed's birthday.
It's a nice idea for a Handmade Christmas.

I took a set of 5 little wooden Ikea boxes that pull out of a wooden frame.
You could use any boxes, bowls, baskets, etc.

I filled them with these things:

1: Shells, cones, driftwood sticks
2. Felt balls, wet felted balls with bells inside
3. Buttons
4. Coins
5. Empty... so he has one to transfer objects into.

He always goes for the natural box first because of the great variety of texture.
At 12 months old he managed to transfer the natural materials box into the empty one by himself without being distracted or helped.
He also likes tipping it upside down too.



  1. A lovely simple gift that acknowledges your little fella's developmental stage. Perfect!

    Blessings and light...

  2. What a lovely idea. I think I might have to steal this one!

  3. What a lucky little seed:) The simple and natural things are always so calming and inviting.


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