Tuesday, 16 November 2010

We Are Making A Boy's Dolls House

I had asked Daddy Seed if he would make one of those amazing open-plan wooden fairy/gnome

I went out one day and came back to this!!

OK, it's not open plan but it is fantastic!
He made it with Big Seed one afternoon.
A plywood box with two floors and a secret floor in the attic.

Check out the fireman's pole and the tree to climb in between floors!
A real boyish house, that's not pink and plastic.

Here are the stairs made from a branch from the garden and one of the residents
who can't wait to move in, checking on development.

I am wondering as Big Seed will have input in making it, will he like playing with it more?
We shall see.

Next up...furniture.


  1. Oh that is awesome! We bought the boys a barn from Finns and Flowers on Etsy for the upcoming Solstice. I really hope they like it. I also got them a very gender neutral dollhouse from craigslist. Whee! (:

  2. I ordered two of these little hand knit gnome hammocks from Etsy artist aewooden's shop (I could see one fitting in perfectly in your new gnome home!!)


    xoxo pink and green mama,

  3. Gorgeous. My son is getting a doll house from Santa (the Plan Toys Eco ). We have received so many weird looks when we've told this to family and friends. I hate gender stereotypes.


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