Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jack Frost and Our Winter Nature Table

Jack Frost has arrived...and don't underestimate this guy's powers.
Ever since he was created it has been really frosty here!

Pipecleaner spiky crown, sparkly hairgrips in blue tones and
glitter glue spirals, stars and dots on his clothes.
Mr Frosty by name and nature.

Wooden pine trees painted in shades of green watercolours

Blue playsilk, with an iceburg stacker, various winter colour crystals,
some polar bears and reindeer animals and glass beads.



  1. Beautiful! Thinking perhaps your Jack Frost and my King Winter should meet... I'll bet they would have so much to talk about ; )

  2. It is very well put together. Jack Frost is my favorite! Kerri

  3. You have been busy! Thanks for motivating me to get ours sorted too :)

  4. I love your trees.. the colors are so nice:)


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