Sunday, 24 October 2010

Montessori Numbers With Spiders

In the spirit of Halloween, we gave our numbers a theme...spiders, ants and flies.
I bought a packet of 100 from Ebay.

First Big Seed put the sandpaper numerals in order.
Then we arranged in the ants in pairs in the Montessori fashion.
We made a big spider out of a lid and pipecleaners...he was a big help and 'told him the answers'.

Then to illustrate odd and even numbers for the first time, we put the odd number spider on a lid.
This illustrated that they appear alternately.

Then we put the odd and even numerals into 2 groups.
He has learnt the concept of odd and even from this activity...
I explained that the even ones are "holding hands".
Because of the "holding hands" idea he likes this activity.

This led onto other spider activities...

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  1. When you alternate the numbers according to even and odd, it looks a bit tricky. But your kid is smart enough to solve it! Hehe, its a good extension to the activity!


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