Thursday, 21 October 2010

Walnut Boat Candles and Walnut Love!

We made some floating beeswax candles;
walnut boats, a star and an apple.

I bought these beeswax blocks from Ebay for about £1 each and some wick.
I melted it in the microwave in a pyrex jug covered in cling film.

Cut the shells in half with a small knife so they split evenly.
Dip wicks in wax first and cool.
Then fill the shells a little, place the wick in and it should stick a bit.
Then pour wax to the top, secure wicks in place with matchsticks.

The star and apple moulds use the same wick instructions.
Grease moulds first, then pour a little wax in and hold the moulds down firm on the tin foil.
Once this cools, add wick and top up.

This is great for science- as it goes from liquid to solid super fast!

Here they are ready to display.
They came out of the moulds easily too.

I filled a pasta bowl with green glass beads and water.
They are so beautiful.
Big Seed was enthralled all through dinner.

Did you know walnuts have hearts?
Each one when cut through the middle looks like this.

Walnut love



  1. Really beautiful! I bet it smelt fabulous too. Thanks for spreading the 'love' :)

  2. What a great project!!Thank you for sharing.I really really really like the last picture of the walnut heart.

  3. I really love all the Autumn things/activities you've made. I bought a couple of things to make a late Autumn sensory box mostly to teach me children about the season. We really don't get to "see" Autumn here where we live. I already saw some of the things I bought on your box. Mine will be the low-budget version, hahaha, as I found everything on Walmart. I've been dying to learn to needle felt. I'm about to bring my friend Mari-Ann (Counting Coconuts)over to my house so she could teach me.
    Thanks for sharing! Everything is just lovely!

  4. Love the walnut heart too! Very creative!

  5. these look great, i love the star!

  6. they are great!I have had a big chunk of beeswax waiting to be used for a while now and I bought some silicone moulds today so am excited to get started :)

  7. We did these last year, but I never knew the walnut candles would float. We might have to make more now! What a lovely post, and that last walnut picture is wonderful.

  8. Love this! Great idea and beautiful photos!

  9. We have a giant walnut tree so I have been wanting to do collect some fun ideas of things we could be doing...thanks!

  10. they look amazing & really love the walnut ♥


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