Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Caves and Lights

Hey Little Seed, where you going?
On an adventure?
Into the dark, dark cave?
Make sure you have got your torch with you!

I see your brother is hiding in the corner,
having fun with his torch.

It sure is big in here.

What was that noise??

Wow, magical stalactites.

I'll be back to play some Halloween games here.

The lights were made by making holes with a screwdriver and sticking fairy light bulbs into the top of the cardboard.
In a few days time, this box will be turned into a car/train/bus,
but I am hoping to get some Halloween roleplay out of it first.
It's the first time the boys have played with torches.


  1. Love it! Really fosters imagination! Kerri

  2. I really like how you added the little lights to the box! If I ever get a hold of a large box I will have to try that out, a perfect way to light it up :)


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