Friday, 22 October 2010

My Autumn Swaps Have Arrived!

This is the first time I have ever done something like this.
It was really exciting!
I got these AMAZING pumpkin hats from Cheryl at Time To Craft.

In exchange for these red apple tree applique tops, with apple buttons, and hair bands to match.

Her packages arrived with this beautiful wrapping.
Check out the lovely tree and toadstool printed paper. Luscious.

I swapped these 3 green tree applique tops for..

These GORGEOUS knitted gnomes...

and this FANTASTIC knitted doll from the fabulous
Wild Faerie Caps mama.
This photo is poor quality as Big Seed played with it all evening...he gave birth to them within 2 minutes!
He treated them all like his sweet.

Here they are in a sling!

Thank you lovely ladies...such beautiful crafts!
The boys and I love them all!



  1. Oh! He's so sweet! My littlest one is sleeping in his shirt right now. I love, love, love that you made him an orange shirt - it's my favorite color. (:

  2. What a great idea. I LOVE the t-shirts! Awwwwww Big Seed is a little boy after my heart.... Daniel would probably drag the dolls around by one leg!

  3. That is so cool love the pumpkin hats, t shirts and the dolls. what a treat for your little one. The swap looks like fun.

  4. Hi Daisy - I've spent some time checking out your blog today - I really love it - and the new 'waldorf' feel to your activities! I hope you are enjoying your fabulous choice to homeschool! And I just love your wooden acorns!!!!
    Sasha x (squashed tomatoes)

  5. Your swaps are fabulous. Great idea! I'm in the midst of making oodles of the knitted little gnomes myself, in preparation for a holiday craft swap :-)

  6. Fun swap. Thanks Daisy for organizing it. Love the knitted gnomes. So cute in the sling!

  7. great swaps, love those tops x

  8. wow what an amazing swap, love the shirts you made!


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