Tuesday, 19 October 2010

October Table Centerpiece and Candle Magic

This is our latest centerpiece for our evening meal.
Glass jars filled with Autumn treasures.
( Wooden acorns, leaves, acorns, nuts and pine cones.)

The glass jar in the middle has been decorated with luscious red blueberry leaves.

(Don't use ELC glue as it doesn't stick too well, some leaves peeled off.)

It burns with such a warm glow.
I put in a beeswax candle we made earlier in the year so we don't inhale paraffin wax while we eat.

A bit of candle magic:
This is a candle made of a beeswax sheet.
It burnt like this leaving holes like a web!
Love it!



  1. Wow, our beeswax sheet candles didnt burn like that, it looks great!

  2. wow nice I soo want to get a beeswax sheet candle now! :)


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