Monday, 11 October 2010

Online Supermarket Role Play Area - Read Through Play

As it is the season of Harvest, we have created a food shop
which takes online orders and delivers them.
Here is how it works:

The orders come in on the computer.
This was made in 2 minutes from an old Amazon cardboard envelope.
Big Seed types some stuff and they print out...

Here is an order.
I write objects that he has in his shop, with numerals 1-3 only.
I like to use items of the same colour to encourage him to use the initial letter to work out the word.

I make him a key on the shop wall.

He then chooses the right fruit/vegetables.
They are all made of felt or wool, apart from the wooden eggs.
It is a simple shop.
It is good for sorting when all the things have to go back in their places.

A mixture of knitted food.

This is his weighing scales... a wooden bowl.
He made this up himself : weighs everything and then pours it directly in the bags.

An assortment of cloth bags.
No plastic here!

Here he is in action compiling an order.

The bags are all loaded on the trolley and he goes off to deliver them around the house.
I keep finding small bags hidden in corners everywhere.

There are many beauties to this game:

He is learning to read, count and sort through play
He enjoys the daily repetition in the game
He can play by himself and get totally engrossed...useful at certain times 
It is easy to set up, it took us very little time and we created it together.

I think this shop will be here for a few weeks.


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  1. So cute!! Very imaginative!

    Visiting you from ABC and 123 Show and Tell!

  2. what a great idea, love this x

  3. This is such a great idea. I am giving market scales and wooden fruit toys for my middle child's birthday and market related Christmas gifts for my other two children. Will have to remember your great ideas to incorporate with the new toys.


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