Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Real Woodwork Tools


We went to the Brecon Fayre at the weekend, and amongst the food and craft stalls was
an old/recycling tools stall.
I have been looking for an old handheld drill for a couple of months and here it is,
along with a chisel, hammer and set square all for about £12.

I thought that I needed to balance out some of the craft activities...
it's good to sew and knit, but woodwork is just as important.

Here he is drilling his first holes.
I admit he bent the first drill-bit...but you learn from mistakes, he is only 3 after all.

The guy who sold me the tools gave me some great ideas to start Big Seed off with,
and I am learning with him.


  1. those tools look very cool! I want some.. : )I am pretty sure Big seed is having fun "playing" with them.

  2. So true! I guess I forget about woodworking stuff but your post reminded me how much fun I had when I was first allowed to use my dads tools.


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