Wednesday, 4 August 2010

6 Stickers Plus A Little Imagination

I bought a box of foam stickers from the Pound Shop.
Big Seed had to take one and stick it on the paper....then turn it into something with his felt pens.
I drew the green caterpillar as an example.
Then he did the other stickers in turn.

The yellow diamond shape is the head of a man.
The orange star is a body of a man, with an orange triangle for 2 feet.
He is holding a purple square like a bag.

The best one is the blue's a plaster on the little man's arm!
Love that!



  1. Thank you for sharing!! Because your blog is such a inspiration! here is an award for you(please visit my blog to get it). Have a fun magic day!

  2. grt blog....just saw it...will try lot of activities i have seen here with my son....thanks


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