Saturday, 31 July 2010

Chamomile Soap Cakes & Sleep Pocket Pillows

This is soooo quick and easy, yet brilliant!
Chamomile soaps made with silicon cake cases...never going to buy soap again!

We picked chamomile from the garden and dried it last week.
You can use chamomile tea bags or whatever you want;
dried rose petals, lavender, etc
Then put water from the kettle in a jug to cover the flowers.
Let it strain for a bit.

I bought a block of glycerine from here on Ebay.
It comes with instructions on the screen page there.

Cut it into blocks, put in a glass jug and microwave with cling film on top for 1 min.
Then add some chamomile tea/ strained water, stir. I added a few drops of lavender oil too.
 Pour into moulds.
Poke some dried flowers on top. 
Make sure you press them into the soap,or they will flake off when dry.

Here are the cake moulds and an old yoghurt pot.

Here they are when dried. It took about 2 hours to dry!

I made him a sleep pocket pillow from some leftover dried flowers.
He dyed some cloth like we did here with the blackcurrants.
Then I sewed his initial and put some flowers in the cloth he dyed and sewed it up like a stuffed pillow.
This will go on his real pillow tonight...I love his night sky dyed bamboo pillow.
We got it from Holdens Landing who is truly an amazing artist with bamboo velour!

We tied another piece of dyed cloth around a glass with ribbon and filled it with yellow flowers,
to go alongside the blackcurrant dyed one.

And of course, there is plenty left for chamomile tea!
Little Seed is having this today because he is teething poor little man.

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  1. Lovely to make the most of whatever is abundant in the garden. We use a melt and pour method for our soap and usually lavender flowers. Beautiful pillow. I hope it worked.

  2. Love the soap idea.
    I have been wanting to make our own soaps for a while now.

  3. Back again to answer your question here. We buy a melt and pour soap base. I buy it, and my bath bomb supplies, on-line from a supplier in Frome ( is glycerine based, with extras. It is the same system as you are using. We add fragrance, oils, butters and flowers and sometimes colour. The children love it when we make soap.

  4. I love your blog it is so magical.

    I loved the little 'sleep pocket pillow' idea and the soap it all looked so beautiful and a lot of fun.

    Thankyou very much for posting such a lovely idea.


  5. Wow!...That look so easy and fun to do with the kids.

  6. wonderful ideas. The chamomile soap looks so good.


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