Saturday, 3 July 2010

Three fun ideas with a 99p bag of marbles

I bought a bag of marbles last week and thought of these ideas...

First up we mixed colours in a fun way.
We have been mixing blue and green with watercolours,
so this nicely followed on.

I cut paper to the size of my plastic tray.
I secured it with blu-tak.
Put a blob of blue poster paint and a blob of yellow on top,
hold the handles together and let the biggest marble roll all over the place.
It's definitely one to do together or the ball can roll on your nice floor!

Watch the colours mix.
You can let your child handroll the marble but we like the pattern it naturally produces.
The red and yellow mixed into orange made a nice "sun".
The black and white mixed into grey made a lovely "spider web".

Next we sorted them. 
Now this was interesting because they are not solid blocks of colour,
so it was a fun challenge. 
Also there are only 4 compartments so I made him choose
groups for the odd marbles to go in and he had to explain his choice.
This Montessori tray is from here in the UK.

Thirdly we made up a cherry cake game.
Get 2 tubs of playdough and make some flat "cakes"...we made 7.
Roll the dice and place that many marbles on a cake.
See which has the most/least cherries.

Play again and again until he gets bored....4 times in a row!


  1. Very cool ideas! I've wanted to try the marble painting for a while now - it looks so neat we'll have to do it soon. I'm going to have to look for one of those trays here in the US!

  2. Hi FroggyMama, there are lots of great Montessori places in the US, I wish I had that kind of choice here. As for the white tray, I got that from my local supermarket real cheap. x


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