Saturday, 24 July 2010

Watercolours # 3 : Inspired by the rain

The school summer holidays have started and so has the rain...of course!
Rain, rain, we just rolled with it.

We took some proper watercolour paper and dabbed it all over
with watercolour tube paints, straight from the tube itself.

Then we laid it on a wire cake rack and placed this on the step in the rain and watched
the colours change and merge together.
Big Seed was really absorbed watching it.

He got really excited going in and out of the rain to check on it constantly.

Here is the finished picture.

Bare feet on the wet steps...a new exciting sensation.
He loved this!
I had to put a towel down by the door as he kept going in and out enjoying himself.

 I had to extend this we used felt tips on kitchen towel in the rain.

Then we reached a real milestone...Big Seed spontaneously came up with an art idea
and got to work on it without any assistance from me.
He got some paper and made lots of dots with a green pencil,
"This is raindrops. This is the rain!"

Then he cut it out and stuck it on the cupboard door.
As the weather changes he now feels the need to draw it and hang it on his washing line...  ( oh yes, the washing line is still going strong!)
...we have a sun, grey and white clouds and a moon.

For me this is the most significant art work he has ever done...all by himself, for himself.


  1. This is wondeful. We do something similar with markers on watercolor paper. You can see it here:

    The children love to see their drawings transform, even if they are abstract "scribbles"

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. really cool idea!! I will have to try it!Thanks for your kind comments in my blog.

  3. We made something similar last week. Your painting turned out beautiful. Cute little children


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