Sunday, 25 July 2010

Anything Goes Ice Lollies

The rain inspired more water based activities:
fabulous ice lollies.

Big Seed's friend Little Elf came to play and his mum suggested yoghurt lollies!
What a great idea. So we put strawberry yoghurt into a lolly mould.

Then we got creative and put some yoghurt in a blender with some fruit from the garden.
We made a few of those too, and some juice ones.

His favourite was this....water : pure and simple.
Take this out of the freezer after a couple of hours ( not too long) and you will see some ice crystals,
and amazing shapes. It's not very clear in the picture,
but it's really great in reality.

When you get bored of a 3 year old will...
watch it melt, or drop it on the floor outside and see it shatter.
Very entertaining.


  1. my daughter loves making popsicles too :).. I have yet to try it with blended fruit though, thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Cool idea! I need to make some of these quite badly. Thankyou for the reminder. These look delicious, Free's a huge fan of water but as simple as it is I would have never thought of that!



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